Aurora Opal

Lab Created Opals with a Swirly Play-of-Color

Black and White Opals with a Play-of-Color in Orange, Green and Blue

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Multicolored Aurora Opals in Black and White Lab Created Opals with a Play-Of-Color in Blue, Orange and Green Opal Samples: Aurora Opal Shop

Aurora Opal

Rough Lab Created Opals Multicolored Opals with a Non-Directional and Swirly Pattern of Play-of-Color.
Aurora Opal is an imitation opal with a higher content of resin. Therefore, the material can be cut, drilled and carved with standard woodworking tools (diamond tools are not required). Machining on the lathe is also possible. Aurora is an ideal material for making knife handles, ballpoint / fountain pens, solid opal rings, opal doublets / opal triplets. Pieces of different colors and sizes are available in our online shop: Aurora Opal Shop
Aurora Opal - Dark/Orange
Aurora Opal - Green/Green
Aurora Opal - Black/Blue
Aurora Opal - Lavender/Orange
Aurora Opal - Red/Orange
Aurora Opal - Orange/Orange